Artwork Guidelines

Digital Artwork Guidelines

The following is a general guideline for accepting digital artwork.
If you have any questions, please give us a call.

File Formats:
Silkscreen: .eps, .pdf and .ai are preferred. Other formats may incur additional art charges. Digital Output: .eps & .ai are preferred. .psd, .tif, & .pdf may be acceptable.
File Resolution:
Minimum of 300 dpi is preferred at actual size in Vector Format to ensure best quality output.
Convert all text to outlines and / or include all files of the fonts used in your artwork.
All artwork should have a color hardcopy provided with files. For silkscreening, spot colors (PMS Solid Coated) are required. For digital output, CMYK or spot colors are acceptable. A color proof will be necessary if sample is printed or PMS colors are not provided with artwork.
Vector artwork is the type of file we need. This is a file that has been created in Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, or any other vector drawing program. Simply saving a Photoshop file, .jpeg, .gif or any other bitmap file as an .eps file will not convert your file to vector. Charges may apply for all artwork manipulation other than Proof preparation.
We can scan your non-digital artwork and create vector art from it. Please consult with us for more information. Additional art charges will apply.
Can be submitted by e-mail, FTP, our web sites and other file transfer solutions like, dropbox,
Templates to any of our products can be sent to you upon request.