4 Simple tips to make your flag last longer!

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4 Simple tips to make your flag last longer

You just bought a flag, and you want it to last longer!Just following these basic steps when flying your flag can massively increase your flags life span and make your dollar spent last longer as well!

How long does a flag last?

Experience has proven that this is an impossible question to answer accurately. It is like predicting the weather, airborne contamination, and the treatment people will give a flag.

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Your flag works hard. It shakes… it trembles … it drapes … it whips… it snaps … it chafes .. it bakes … it freezes .. it ripples … it flutters .. it quivers … it furls … it rolls … it twists … it flaps … it strains … it flies … it unfurls … it hangs! Is it any wonder that is needs to be replaced two or three times a year?

The major enemies of a flag are wind, water, sun, and carelessness (the single greatest cause of flag deterioration). Neither you nor we can control the weather, but you can take care of your flag and make it last longer

Here are 4 simple tips to keep your flag lasting a very long time.

1. Protect your flag

Do not expose your flag to rain, snow, or abnormally high winds, as these elements can shorten your flag’s life considerably.

I know this may seem obvious, but many people and businesses neglect to follow this simple step, leaving their flag to weather the storm with no protection. Just this step will keep your flag lasting a long time, you will be grateful that you read this post when your flag still looks brand new six months after your bought it.

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2. Keep it Dry

Avoid flying your flag when it is wet. Flying a heavy, wet flag in the wind puts excessive strain on the fabric and stitching and will greatly reduce the life of your flag.

Just like the first step, putting your flag out while the wind is blowing like nobodies’ business is exactly how not to keep your flag lasting a long time. You will be surprised how much wind a flag can handle, but just like everything else if the wind is strong enough it will rip right through your flag.

3. What if its already wet?

Should the flag become wet, spread it out and allow it to dry completely. Regardless of how well it is constructed, a flag is not indestructible. Since they are made from fabric and subjected to the elements, all flags will wear out sooner or later. Reasonably good care of your flag can contribute greatly to give it a longer life.

Everybody slips up sometimes, but even if you forgot your flag outside you can make your flag last longer by following this step.

4. Double Sided Flag Protection

Double Sided Flags are not intended for long term outdoor use. They are constructed of two printed flags attached back to back with a block out liner in the middle. They are heavy and will need more wind to fly. They will also retain more water putting more stress on the flag which will deteriorate faster than single reverse printed flags.

If you need information about how to assemble a flag properly so that it does not fall over when the wind blows, click here. Also click here or here to learn how to handle your flag like the pros!

I hope you enjoyed these tips to make your flag last longer

Simple Right? Now it's your turn!

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Date 12/21/2018
Micheal brown
Seem simple enough, kool
Date 12/21/2018
Timothy Jordan
Great tips! Look forward to keeping my flag lasting a long time!

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